A portrait of my husband, once a week, every week, in 2013.
This guy has been workin’ like a dawg lately. He’s been gone since Wednesday and let me tell ya, single parenthood ain’t easy. At this point, a week in the hospital is looking more and more like a well-deserved vacation. I kid, it’s going to suck. Looking forward to his return home…
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3 Responses

  • Great image! And can I say, I feel for you with the whole bonkers work schedule thing? My husband is working like crazy right now too…and it blows. And then I started fantasising about getting pneumonia so that I could have a legit reason to stay in bed, and I thought, hmmmm, nope. Not a healthy thought process. So I took a three hour nap. Hoping you get some rest before you hit the surgery table!

  • Giiiirl! It’s not hard to be on the other end of that one either. I’ve been working like 60 hour weeks the past few weeks and it’s exhausting. I’m too tired to interact with my family when I get home and I miss my daughter terribly. I don’t even think I can go any further into it than that before I start sobbing on my keyboard. 🙁 be strong, mama.


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