Welkin NYC

It’s not an easy thing to ask for help and to accept help. I discovered this truth after I gave birth to Hooper and found those first couple weeks to be difficult in terms of balancing new motherhood with recovery from childbirth.
I think asking for help when you’re an artist is even harder. When you make something, whether it be a photograph, a novel, or line of children’s wear, part of your soul goes into it. If you take the time to make something, it’s because it’s important to you. And thus, when you need help to make it all come to fruition, it puts you in a vulnerable place.
I’d like to introduce y’all to Welkin NYC. Fashion blogger LaTonya and mommy blogger Belle have been working hard on a children’s line inspired by New York City. Their clothing line is well-made, eco-friendly, and unisex.
Help spread the word! You can visit their kickstarter campaign by clicking here.

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