A portrait of my husband, once a week, every week, in 2013.
Didn’t think I was gonna squeak a portrait of Willy out this weekend, but lo-and-behold, a photo from the Ventura County Fair for the win. That handsome man right there, he’s my favorite.
Hoping to get to the rest of our fair pics when I get back from my best-friend-cation.
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2 Responses

  • I love this idea, I know sometimes my hubby feels kind of neglected when I’m so focused the blog world. It could be a nice way to make him know he’s loved and let him know I’m proud of him 🙂 Plus, I talk about him all the time- it’d be nice for people to put a face to a name! This is a great picture!

  • I love this idea….my hubby is so awkward in front of the camera….maybe I’ll try something like this as well once I get a better camera! This is a really nice picture. 😀


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