July 4th

Images from the 4th of July: The day started ominous, with cold weather and cloudy skies // We ate lunch at Surfside Seafood // Walked along the pier // Sat on the beach (the sun finally came out) // Ate sandy watermelon // Got sunscreen in our eyes // Dealt with skipped naps (though the tears were very momentary, thank goodness) // Spotted a Rolls Royce // Swam at an indoor pool.
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6 Responses

  • I’m a new reader, and I have to tell you, it’s the crying pictures that really drew me in. I love them. It gives my near-future-baby-having fantasies a little reality check… although it would probably be more effective with sound effects, hehe. But, your family is adorable even with sunscreen in those little crying eyeballs. 🙂

    • Ha! If you want a reality check, you should babysit them for an entire day 😉 Really though, the tantrums are so momentary. Everything about motherhood, and life in general, is about your own perspective and attitude… write that down somewhere… it sounds like commen sense now, but it will have more value and truth when you become a mom. Thanks for the comment xo


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