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Forgive me. I posted this over on the Mine Style Blog some time ago but wanted it saved here for Van’s future reference.

Things I love about the room: There is tons of natural light. Unfortunately, in the summer months this means it’s also the hottest room in the house. Our house was built in the 50’s and the windows are still the original. If anyone wants to donate to the new window fund, send your dollars my way. Why are windows so expensive? Seriously, it’s glass, not gold. But whatever, I digress. I love the angle of the ceiling, higher on one side and then sloping down. Most everything in the room was mine as a child or bought second hand, and I love that.

Things I hate about the room: We replaced the carpet when we moved in three years ago and it needs to be changed already. I’d love to put in wood floors or some deep shag carpet. The rug is from Cost Plus, but I’d love to change it out for this one from Target just for a change. I can’t seem to keep the door clean to save my life; the smudges serve as evidence of the dirty hands of the toddler that refuses to use the door knob. We took the crib bumper pads out only to find Van crying with his leg stuck through the bars, hence the random assortment of books that serve as our quick fix (I think I left those in for at least one of the photos). The clock on the wall does not work. Ho hum. I had intentions to fix it, but I also have intentions to have a clean house. I have neither. I’d also like to change the blinds or add curtains but my indecisiveness leaves me stuck with what the house came with.

Where things came from: The framed prints came from a trip we took to Cuba, when I was pregnant for the first time. We didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl but agreed that the room would be built around those prints. The crib (Sparrow made by Oeuf), the danish dresser, and the knock off Eames chair were all bought off craigslist. Many of the books and toys were my own as a child or picked up along the way from thrift stores or flea markets. Van’s gray triangle onesie is from this etsy shop. The boxer needlework is perhaps one of my favorite things in the room and it came from this etsy shop (This one and this one are still available for a mere $5). The wall book shelf is from Pottery Barn Kids and the floating shelves are from Ikea.

A special story: Van was named in this room. At the time, it was Hooper’s room and we used to end our evenings as a family listening to music and watching Hooper play around. I put Van Morrison on the iPod, glanced down at my pregnant belly, then back at Willy, and asked, “What do you think of Van?”. And

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just like that, he was named.

The future: We’d love to move both of the boys into the same room. When that happens, I have visions of making their room a bit more grown up with an old vintage map of the world.

You can check out Hooper’s room here.

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7 Responses

  • Ashley! Van’s room is ADORABLE! I’m loving everything from that insanely gorgeous dresser to all the sweet little vintage books and hanging pictures. So happy that the boxer yarn art found the happiest of homes πŸ™‚ Thanks for the mention in this post about my shop. Your blog as always is perfection! Take Care.

    • Did you have your baby??!! You MUST have! Send me a pic πŸ™‚ You’ve been in my thoughts!! I love that boxer yarn art… one of my favorite parts of his room!! Hope you’re doing well xo

  • Hearing you stress about a clean house is a riot because you used to be SUCH a mess! Ah, memories. I hope you can help me decorate when I have a kid. Did I just say “when”?

  • I love this tour! I’ve wanted one of those chairs forever. I just posted a few pictures of my little guy’s nursery…….it’s really just a corner in our bedroom, but it’s his corner. I can’t believe how big Van is!! I remember your weekly pregnancy pics!!!!!


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