The {not so} terrible twos

The terrible twos seem to be a thing of the past. In hindsight (damn hindsight for always being so perfectly clear), much of Hooper’s behavior was probably connected to that little munchkin of a brother we just plopped into his life and expected him to openly embrace. Much of the acting out in general has calmed considerably. I can’t remember the last time I had to give him a time out or pull him off to the side or disciplined him in that way where if looks could kill he’d be dead. Of course, he has his days. He is still two.
Majority of the day, he’s my little buddy. I love this age so much that I still find myself wishing Van would hurry up and catch up even though I know I ought to be appreciating the fleeting stages he’s growing out of faster than I can say “slow the f*&# down”. Motherhood is like that: a dichotomy of hurry up, would ya? and slow down already, speedy speederton. Why can’t someone invent a mom remote?
I digress. Hooper has been all kinds of sweet. He’s playful and warm, friendly and inviting, cautious but mischievous. He loves to laugh, he loves to have your attention, he loves dance and jump and go crazy. This kid is really something special.
Hey Hooper, I love you, I do.

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7 Responses

  • I’m happy that the terrible twos aren’t so terrible anymore. Is there something you did to help him stop acting out, once you realized it was probably because of his brother being born? Or did it just change on its own?? I’ve been saying that the terrible twos waited for nico to turn 3 to hit, but it’s probably the same issue that you had… Now that his sister is here!! The first couple months he was so loving and saying how beautiful she is, and now it’s like he did a 180 and devil child appeared!! Any pointers would be appreciated…

    • Oh I feeeeeel ya. Hooper was the same way… so sweet in the beginning… always insisting on holding him and kissing him… He was so wonderful that when he made the 180 I didn’t connect it at all. But, in hindsight, it had to be… I mean what a major change in their little worlds. I’d love to take credit and say it was something I did to bring about the turn around, but I think it happened on it’s own with time. I think one on one time is also important. I remember my mom came over one day and watched Van while I took Hooper out to lunch. It was so nice to give him my full attention. Opportunties like that didn’t happen often, so I have a hard time believing it made a huge difference, but it was really nice when it did happen. I know it can be bad, but try to get through the day and know it will pass. I did a lot of encouraging good/normal behavior too… but there were days nothing was going to work. Sure is trying on your patience though, a? Hang in there mama!


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