A Trinket, A Tasket

My days of trinketing and tasketing are so limited these days. To drag the kids into a Salvation Army is more work than it’s worth. If we go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market, we have to arrange for someone to watch Hooper since it’s during his nap time and then we bring Van since he never strays too far away from my tits. What I’m trying to say is that thrifting, or even going to the grocery store for that matter, can be a production.
We went to the Rose Bowl last month anyway and even dragged Hoop along. He did well bypassing his nap, which is always a gamble. He started to lose his cool toward the end but by then our feet are hurting anyway and we’re usually looking for an excuse to skip a few rows. Here’s what we came away with: A. I’m in love with this sweater for the boys. I think it will look stellar with some black leggings and little moccasins + B. Lions and tigers and bears, Oh My! Hooper loves these little animal figurines. For a buck, how can I say no? We washed them when we got home, because, gross + C. Grateful Dead Record. I must have played this 4x yesterday. It makes doing the dishes and cleaning up discarded food that Van threw off the table and Sarah rejected more fun + D & E. That cute peter pan collared dress and adorable frog counting book came from the Sweet Threads booth. I can’t leave the Rose Bowl without buying something there, they always have the best kiddo stuff. The dress is for Carla + F. Holy fu$k, something for me?! My cheeks are blushing. It’s a little woven purse and I like it. I like it a lot.
Feel free to share a link to your recent thrifted finds. Always fun to see what treasures others find!

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