Family Photos, via self-timer

Everyone loves family photos. Even with as many pictures as I take, we hardly ever have any with all four of us together. It takes much more effort, for starters, to get myself in front of the camera. Willy doesn’t care for (and by doesn’t care, I practically mean detests) taking photos. Since starting my 52 week project, his attitude about being in front of the camera is much improved but I still struggle to get him to take any photos of me with the boys or dare-I-say a photo with all of us together.
Most, if not all, of our family photos have been taken using the self-timer and if your camera has this capability, it’s something I strongly recommend (as a side note, there is a self-timer app on the iPhone). Using the self-timer creates a much more natural photograph and also allows for the element of surprise as you’re not quite sure when your ten seconds are up; thus it promotes more of a candid capture which is what I personally prefer anyway.
The self-timer, however, is still not the end all be all. Sure, it can take the photo but I’m still responsible for rallying the troops. As if the two wild cards aren’t enough, I often have convince the mister to join in- with a good attitude- as well. If it sounds like I have to pull teeth to get a family photo, then you’re getting the right idea. But I’ll pull whatever teeth I have to because I’ve never been disappointed by a family photo. There’s something so special about looking at us all together, sharing

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8 Responses

  • I feel like I remember mom saying the same thing about family pictures being a chore to coordinate. You look gorgeous, like a J Crew model. The boys look super adorable too. Willy looks bored. Ha.

  • These photos are great. I love a candid shot too, and it’s far easier to achieve with two wriggly bubbas and a reluctant husband than a more posed smiley shot.
    I set myself the challenge at the beginning of this year to get a monthly family portrait as we had so few and I’m loving doing it. It is like pulling teeth some months (hubby and toddler are the prime culprits) but it’s so worth it for the photos of us together. x

  • I have been asking, nagging, trying to get a family photo since Jarvis was born. I even put it on every wish list for Christmas, Birthdays and such…still waiting.

  • I think we have about two family photos as well, as well as only about five of Theo and I together…It’s frustrating that I’m the one who always takes the photographs, and it’s not like Rob hates taking photographs – he has a photography degree!

    on a side note, Van is the spitting image of willy here!


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