The Roosevelt Hotel

 As I mentioned the other day, we spent a night at the Roosevelt Hotel down in Hollywood. Willy hung out with us for a bit and then left for a work function. We tag along whenever we can when Willy has to travel for work. At times it feels like another set of four walls, but I never regret going. It’s nice to stay together as a family and it’s a new four walls to photograph, so it’s whatevs.
The Roosevelt Hotel was amazing. The staff was incredibly hospitable, upgrading us to a suite as soon as they saw we had two kiddos with us. They also provided us with a diaper pail, a rubber ducky for the bath, and gave each kid a stuffed teddy bear. I had planned on allowing Hooper to stay up late, watch a movie, and sleep in bed with me but after learning their kid’s movies cost 14 bucks I stuck Hooper in the closet with his brother. Then I watched trashy shit on TV.

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5 Responses

  • Trashy shit. Ha. I’m not sure you should talk about how you put them to sleep in the closet.

    That picture of Hooper staring out the window, on his tippy toes, is so cute. Love his little butt!

  • Awwww that widdle butt!!!!!!! I know this will sound weird, but I’m so dreading the age when it will suddenly not be “appropriate” for me to see my little guy nekkid. Sigh. Beautiful photos as always, Ashley.

    • Oh I feel the same way. And vice versa. The day I’m uncomfortable changing in front of him will also be a sad day. Doesn’t sound weird at all… not to me anyway.


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