Eye On the Prize

I couldn’t wait for Hooper to crawl. We’d do little exercises to help him gain strength and put things in front of him to try to build his desire. Crawling is nothing but something to brag about for a first time mom. You have all the time in the world to dote on them and follow them around to make sure they aren’t getting into something they shouldn’t be. Go figure why first borns are typically the overachievers and pleasers.
With Van, I gave thanks for everyday he stayed put on his bottom. When he started to show desire, I’d put him on his back and hand him a toy. Crawling, for a second time mom, is a nuisance.
Here’s a recap of the past few days in the life of Van:
-He broke our full length mirror and cut his finger in the process. I bought a new one the same day (because, hello, a full length mirror can be life altering) and he almost broke it again the next day. The definition of an idiot, by the way, is someone who does the same thing more than once but expects a different outcome. And with that said, my chin has dropped down to my chest.
-He put a pebble of dog food in his mouth that I had to fish out and then he threw a fit about it (And let me just say, I’m glad Sarah isn’t old and crotchety yet because she’s gotten an excessive amount of abuse from this newly mobile creature).
-He got a hold of a glass jar of food and mimicked his brother who “accidentally” dropped one on the floor. Glass everywhere, again.
-He pulled the potted plant down on the floor and then tried to eat the dirt that spilled everywhere. This happened while I was washing the dishes, during which time I had relocated him four times away from the plants only to discover he was, in fact, more determined than me because somewhere between washing, drying, and putting away he used his new found super-speed to get there faster than me. Reminds me of this oldie but goodie post of when Hooper started getting into shit.
-He discovered the trashcan in the bathroom has a flip top and that he likes it and everything inside it.
I knew crawling would mean more work for me, hence my dedication to prolonging it. Boy does my back hurt. On the flip side, it is awfully cute to watch him scoot around. He’s adopted his own scoot, where his right leg stays tucked in (like in the butterfly position – see pic above) and he pushes with his left leg. He’s able to entertain himself for longer and he’s also napping longer now that he’s exerting more energy. Oh ya, and he’s pretty happy with himself too. So, as is with everything in motherhood, there’s good with the bad.

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6 Responses

  • Laughing to myself about your comment regarding the definition of idiot and wondering whether you’re referring to Van or you. Welcome to the world of putting everything 4 feet above the ground. In the world of “things don’t change much” Nate (7 yrs old) dumped a whole cup of water in his lap this morning and just carried on like nothing happened where his brother (10 yrs old) would have jumped up, screamed like a girl and stripped off all his clothes screaming that he can’t possibly go to school like that. My eyes hurt from rolling them so much.

  • yep, and mine is on the same. exact. page. although i think girls are a little less destructive. A LITTLE. Lola has mastered the art of escape from her cage. cage, in this case, being a baby gate but you know, i’m thinking traditional cage sounds appealing right now.

  • I’m so with you on this. With my second, I wanted her to be immobile for as long as possible. It makes life so much more difficult. Of course, now that she is a bit older and I can just set her down and she will walk from the car to the house, it makes life so much easier.

  • At first I thought it was a good thing that Jarvis did not crawl, that instead at 10 months he just got up and walked. No, no no, I spend the entire time chasing him and telling him do not touch, do not throw. I think crawling would be easier.


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