A portrait of my husband, once a week, every week, in 2013.
We share such a deep love for our boys. When I look at this photo, I see a tired Hooper- blanket in hand, fingers in mouth- and a father who not only welcomes his sons vulnerability, but understands that holding his small body in his arms is a privilege. Every time I hold either of my boys in my arms, I feel grateful. There really is no love like the love of a parent for their children.
One of my favorites from last week was Rebekka, who is photographing a different person each week. I suggest checking out her blog as well, as it is simply beautiful and wonderfully inspiring. I love the way this project has brought many different bloggers and photographers together. There are so many talented and inspiring people out there.
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8 Responses

  • You summed it up perfectly, I too love watching the connection between Justin and Jarvis. Oh and I love the lighting you have used in this weeks portrait!

  • I completely agree. No greater love than a parent for their child & this photo shows so much of it.

    Yes, total bummer not to bump into one another today. Can’t believe you found a toy car for a buck! Lucky you!! My Oliver kept crying whenever we passed by bikes, cars, or wagons and we gave in and got him two tiny vintage cars but my gosh, they were pretty pricey and Josh of course didn’t haggle. Ugh.

    • No haggle?! Whatttt?? Girl, you gotta roll with me instead 😉 Hooper was super stoked about his dollar (he just discovered putting coins in his bank so he has a new obsession with “monies”). I think he even had buyers remorse trading that special dollar for a car. It was just some shitty dirty toy car, nothing special… so can’t brag and say it was the coolest deal ever made. Like Oliver, we stopped at all the bikes, etc… He LOVES bikes. We gotta get the boys together.


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