A portrait of my husband, once a week, every week, in 2013.
See that man up there? He has never been stoked with my incessant photo taking. I asked his permission, of course, before committing myself to this 52 week photo project. He obliged, but I don’t think it was until week 3 or 4 that he realized this meant a camera would be in his face at least once a week. This week, something magical happened; he went to sit outside and enjoy the wonderful springtime weather and while I was working away at my computer I heard him yell, “Don’t you want to come take my picture?”. I know, I know, it’s crazy; The complacency, the motivation, the willingness… who is this man? Week 14, you’re going down in the books.
Something else special about this man I call my husband: He took the day off yesterday and gifted me a “Mama day”. I got a massage in the morning and ran a few errands (by myself) in the afternoon. I won’t even mention the filet mignon he cooked for dinner and the cupcake he picked up for me at the store for dessert. Okay, I know, I mentioned it. I sure do love this man.
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