A portrait of my husband, once a week, every week, in 2013.
Life has been busy, busy, busy as of late. Willy’s been spending a lot of time in Palm Springs for work which means I’ve been single mommin’ it or tagging along and hanging out in random hotel rooms with our members. Throw in the dreaded rotavirus and the fact that I am still (technically speaking) a working mom whether it’s part time or not and you’ll understand why I have yet to post the photos from our trip to Arizona and why there’s laundry spread all over the house and trash in random piles (recycle this, donate that) all over the place. By the time I put the kids to bed, all I want to do is enjoy a glass of wine and unwind but all this ish seems to be starring at me dead in the face and it keeps calling me lazy. I keep telling it to shut the eff up.
Anyway, this pic was taken in Palm Springs. Which reminds me that I’m behind on posting those pics as well. But this wine sure tastes good, so whatevs.
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