Sping Is In The Air

It’s been a long time coming, but Willy and I spent the best small chunk of change the other day when we got our house cleaned. And by clean, I meanย professionallyย cleaned. Willy suggested some time ago that we get a house cleaner. I refused for a long time because I tend to be frugal with money and couldn’t justify paying someone else to do something I insisted I could do on my own. Two kids later and I humbly admit I can no longer do it all.
It took me what felt like forever to get someone to return my phone calls but now that the wait is over I have this to say: Best. Decision.ย Ever. Even if it only lasted a day, our home is/was spotless. Then we started living again, and well, living is messy when you have two kids. But there is so much piece of mind in the fact that it’s a mess on top of a clean floor.
Looking to improve your marriage? Get a house cleaner.

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13 Responses

  • Totally agree… Kids the same age… Enough is enough. We’ve had one clean so far, it was a.m.a.zing!!! Also best decision ever ๐Ÿ™‚

  • We totally NEED someone to clean our house. One baby, a mama who works 32 hrs a week, a dirty husband who works in the landscape biz AND 2 big dirty dogs = constant filth. Can’t afford it now, but it’s so on our list of things to look into later this year. And I know exactly what you mean by improve your marriage…and let’s add “save your sanity” as well. Good for you guys. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • this is THE best advise ever. for newlyweds, for new parents, for newly divorced, for newly dating…. I love my cleaning lady more than I love my kids.

    I’ve declared on many an occasion, “I’d rather go with out food and water than go without a cleaning lady.”

  • I had to comment that YES it is SO nice having your house professionally cleaned!!! Our cleaning lady recently relocated back to her home in another country and I. Am. Devastated.

  • I’ve heard MANY moms echo what you say. Nothing feels better than a good clean. You know I like things orderly ๐Ÿ˜‰ You also know I’m frugal like you (thanks, mom and dad), but I’m all for paying for stuff like this.

  • Well said, my husband and I couldn’t agree more! Even when there isn’t money for other splurges, we have decided that this one is beyond worth it. We have our place cleaned every other week, and we are so grateful and love her so much that we “want to marry her.” Definitely a post baby must-have (especially if you, like me, were a type A, organized house person pre baby)!

  • this is our splurge too and it saves our sanity once a week and it is so nice to walk in the afternoon of cleaning day . I sometimes wonder if our cleaner thinks it takes a full week to be a disaster zone again..best she doesn’t walk in the next morning


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