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Cue megaphone. Cue rooftops. Cue mountain peaks. I’m shoutin’ out today about an amazing advertising opportunity. It’s only been as of this year that I’ve opened The Stork & The Beanstalk up for advertising. Why, you ask? I had a hard time with this question as well. I mean, it all feels a bit prostitutional. I know, not a word. But I’m assuming in using the made up word “prostitutional” that you know what I mean. Truth is, this blog takes a lot of my time. True, it’s time I truly enjoy spending. Sitting in front of my computer often takes precedence over the sink full of dishes or the trash bin that’s full to capacity despite my every effort to push it down using the relatively clean paper plate that sits on top. But I need to justify the time I spend here. Visiting a well done blog is like flipping through a magazine. And, well, magazines don’t end up on the back of the toilet seat by the generous read this while you shit fairies. So, I’ve opted to open up the right hand side of my blog to those interested in gaining readership to their blogs or customers to their store. I started this blog just a little over a year ago and its growth in just that short time span has been incredible. Join me on this journey, yo. Email me, ashley [at] thestorkandthebeanstalk [dot] com for more info.
With that said, unlike a prostitute, I will not be taking each and every bone thrown my way. I finally responded to some Lullaby music company and asked that the stop harassing emailing me. You practically need a vaccuum to suck the dandriff off my desk from scratching my head about some of the emails/propositions I get.
So here’s my promise to my readers: Sponsored posts will not take over this blog. Sponsored posts will be identified as such. Only sponsors that I find appealing, or I think may be appealing to my readers, will be considered.
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