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Wearing: A vintage dress, these sandals, Dooney & Burke vintage purse.
Searching for acceptence. My postpartum body is foreign to me and I struggle on a daily basis to accept it for what it is. I remember Melissa saying it felt like someone put her body back together using an Ikea manual and I couldn’t agree with this analogy more.
Counting down the days. I know, from past experience, that I’ll miss it when I’m done but today I cannot wait to be done breastfeeding. I miss the freedom.
Listening to Johnny Cash, “I’ve Been Everywhere”, while daydreaming about a roadtrip to Palm Springs in the relatively near future with this girl.
Waiting to win the lotto so I can buy this dress.
Smitten with this photography project. It’s the highlight of every Tuesday. Click To Vote For Us @ Top Baby Blogs Directory!

5 Responses

  • I like that “You are my wild” photo project too. Great stuff.

    Your postpartum body looks pretty damn good to us outsiders, but I’d have no idea what it FEELS like. And I’ve heard many other women talk about wanting their boobs back. How much longer to go?

  • I totally hear you about the postpartum body! I look relatively normal to the outside, but these separated abdominal muscles (aka squishy baby belly pooch from hell/deflated bump) are driving me insane! I just feel gross all the time. I gave up nursing bc it wasn’t working out in the supply department and I was starting to get depressed, so I can say I definitely know the feeling of wanting your freedom back. Stick with it mama, I admire you!!

  • I love this photo! What a great capture of an everyday moment. And even though I think most of us out there are amazed by your body, I think body image after having babies is a hard thing to deal with. All mama’s can relate on some level. And breastfeeding, I definitely feel you on that one!

  • You look wonderful, Mama!

    Oh man, that postpartum body, I’m so not looking forward to. I’ve got a month left of this pregnancy and I’m already planning out ways how I can get back in shape and take care of my little ones. I feel ya!

  • The IKEA comment made me laugh. That pretty much sums it up ! Our bodies have done amazing things but it is hard to remember when our clothes don’t fit just so anymore. You look amazing 🙂


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