Is It Summer Yet?

We showed up to the beach the other morning totally unprepared. There’s a lot I’ve learned since becoming a mom, but one of the most important is this: pack the night before and think ahead. I did neither. Thus, we arrived at the beach Monday morning looking more like we were going to play at the park on a cold winter day. Clearly I had delusions of grandeur thinking I could handle both babes and Sarah. We met a friend down there with her two boys and their dog because it’s always better to have a friend that has delusions of grandeur as well. In any case, we came with pants and sweaters. Then Hoop rocked the t-shirt and diaper. Realizing I didn’t bring any Kleenex, his shirt quickly became the snot rag and when Van spit up, I used it for that too. So Hooper ended the day in his diaper, which he really shouldn’t have had anyway because we’re trying to do the whole underwear thing. I ended the day feeling like a lazy and unprepared mom. How do so many do this motherhood thing? And how do so many do it so eloquently? Hash tag: Still learning.

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