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The world wide web is a never-ending sea of inspiration. It’s no wonder why I get stuck behind the computer screen so often. The computer is the new TV, isn’t it? Well, I want to pay tribute to those that continuously serve as a source of inspiration. Individuals, via instagram, who enrich the time I spend on my ass breastfeeding. So today, I’m starting a little His & Hers Instagram lovefest where I’m going to share some couples I follow on instagram. Couples whose photography and lives I admire.
And there’s no better way to kick this off than with Matthew (@matthewdennis) & Katie Dennis (@katieanndennis). 
 These two are currently featured in the Like Knows Like project. Haven’t heard of this project? I think you will. Well, duh, you’re hearing about it now. But mark my words, you’ll hear of it again.
Like Knows Like is a fabulous film project that serves to closer connect admirers with those they admire. Those behind the project state, “The digital world we live in is often criticized as volatile and shallow. We miss a bit of the human touch and perspective sometimes. That’s how the idea was born to make a series of small documentary films about the people we follow and admire. With our films, we celebrate the bond between follower and artist. We’re convinced documentary film can go deeper into getting to know a person better and might satisfy the curiosity we and fellow followers have”.
Here is the Like Knows Like film featuring Matthew & Katie. Aren’t following them on instagram? Then you’re missing the F out.

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