Bits + Pieces

Van with his lovely date, Carla. They are a week apart // Brunch at home, with family // A family diner date at Corky’s in Van Nuys. Oh how I want some pancakes right now. Num num num num // Oh ya, Hooper got a haircut. Willy likes it long. I like it shorter // Oh that little cutie? That’s just Hooper’s little friend Emerson // And Hooper’s other little friend Sienna, whom he loves lovin’ on. He goes for the peck, she however, is an open mouth kinda girl. Look out Hoop! // Hooper never took to Sophie. Van, on the other hand, likes Sophie like I like my pancakes. Num num num num // The sofa rarely looks like this. It’s usually inundated with cars. Because of ::cough cough:: that little booger above. Hoooooooooooper….
Happy Friday. Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend.

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