Round One.

So I was motivated to start potty training last week. Yes, I’m already speaking in the past tense. Hooper was ready. I, however, was not.
I remember when we first brought Sarah home. She was three months and we trained her to sleep in a crate. Every morning there would be piss and shit in her crate until we decided we would take turns getting up at 2am to let her out to pee. Eventually she caught on and after a while she was able to hold it until morning. It really wasn’t so difficult, in the end.
Fast forward to two kids later.
I opted to go the naked route, at first. I brought the potty out and sat it in the middle of the room and for the first hour it seemed all we talked about was the potty. I repetitively asked him if he wanted to use it. I encouraged him to sit down on it. I gave him a piece of candy to try to keep him on it. And then he pissed in the corner.
I cleaned it up and thought maybe it would be better to put underwear on him so he could feel what it’s like to be wet. And then he pissed while riding his toy car around.
And then I realized I was too tired from being up the night before with Van and I put a diaper on. Someone please send the bad mom award this way. I know consistency is key so I’m going to tackle it another day… when I have more energy and patience and a few consecutive days off work in a row to really give it the good ol’ fashion try. So yeah, along with the bad mom award can you also send energy, patience, and consecutive days off work?
Looking at my little boy in those undies might be the biggest motivator of all…
And… I do have some consecutive days off work this week, so  round 2 is currently in progress. Wish me luck. And share any tips. I have no idea what I’m doing…

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9 Responses

  • I’ve heard with boys you can put Cheerios or some other round cereal in the toilet and tell them to shoot the o’s… But maybe that’s once they’ve gone already. I potty trained my stepdaughter and we gave her “special” treats for going. Also entertained her to keep her on it. We would let her sit there till she had to go … Gave her lots of liquids too. She would get to the point she couldn’t hold it any longer and flip out and try to grab her diaper to put under her. Every kid is different. Once she learned that if she peed on the potty in the morning, she could have m&ms for breakfast, you best believe she was there every morning. Good luck!!!

  • I did it MLK weekend last year and Keane was about 26 months at the time. I did need the 3 days and by day 3 he got it and was consistent. I mentally prepared myself for a lot of clean up those 3 days, and like you I also had an itty bitty baby that wasn’t sleeping through the night yet to take care of simultaneously. But yes, 1 day is definitely not enough, but 3 was perfect for me. Good luck!

  • Those undies are adorable. Am I allowed to comment on that? Save these pictures for the “future girlfriend” file.

    I have no words of wisdom about potty training. I wouldn’t mind a diaper myself…

  • We just put a potty in our bathroom and so far our son enjoys sitting on it while he brushes his teeth! LOL I’m mentally gearing up, I think it’ll be harder on me than him. Looking forward to some tips here. LOL Good luck!

  • I got Gianni excited about wearing super hero underwear, and bought a super hero potty seat, he didn’t really like the little seat, he liked the big boy potty… plus m&m’s 1 for pee 2 for poop. if he’s ready it shouldn’t take more than a couple weeks…. now we’re working on nico…. good luck, its more frustrating when they aren’t completely ready!! 🙂

  • We started our daughter with the naked thing too around 18 months. We just didn’t push potty training, but would suggest sitting on the potty every now and again. If she peed while her diaper was off we would let her know that she peed so she understood what the sensation felt like. Then, at around 27 months or so, we let her pick out some panties to start wearing around the house. We were able to convince her to pee in her potty during the day and put diapers on her during nap and night. One day when my husband was home with her, he forgot to put a diaper on her during her nap and she didn’t have an accident. From that point forward, we just rolled with it. We used diapers at night for about 3 weeks until she would wake up consistently for several days with a dry diaper. It’s been about 2 months since we started and have only had a handful of accidents. I think she was just ready and I’m sure Hooper will catch on when he’s ready too.

  • Ha Ha Ha- this is one of my favorite subjects. I nearly lost my mind with Sammy because it was taking so long but then someone reminded me that no one has ever gone to Stanford in diapers and I relaxed. Really relaxed. Sammy was just a few months shy of 4 yrs old until HE decided HE was ready. And he was, completely. He went from diapers all the time to diapers none of the time in 24 hours. No accidents, not even at night. Nate was about 2 1/2 when he decided he wanted to pee like Sammy does. I still keep a container of Clorox wipes by every toilet because even though they are now 10 and 7, they still pee all over the place. All boys do.


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