Tidbits of Motherhood

Yup, there I am with my baby dolls again. I can see Hooper’s little mischievous face in my own. That rascal. Think my haircut is cool? Yeah, me too (not being sarcastic at all, wink wink). Onto the tidbits…
I used to brush my teeth, slap on some chapstick, and go to bed. Now I wash my pump stuff for the morning, brush my teeth, slap on some chapstick, and turn on my baby monitors. Yes, monitors is pleural.
Woman are the superior sex. They just are. I never had such admiration for other woman until I became a mom. I used to view men as the king of the households, the warriors, the caretakers. But now I realize woman are the Kings and men are the princesses. And after giving birth, I’m pretty sure all moms are warriors. And I won’t even touch on the caretaker role, because we all know who fills those shoes. So in an attempt to remind mi amor of his manliness, I pretend to be impressed with how he can sit through the pain while being tattooed. And when he suggests that I could never handle the pain, I laugh with visions of two nine pound babies exiting my vagina with no pain medication and say, “ya, probably not”.
Just the other day I was giving the boys an afternoon bath and started to question why I was hungry. My first thought was this: it’s 4 o’clock, past lunch time… What’s wrong with me? My second thought was this: Oh my god, I forgot to make myself lunch. My thrid and final thought was this: It sure sucks we have to take time out of the day to eat. I could get a whole lot more done if I didn’t have mouths to feed, my own included.
Before I became a mom, a productive day consisted of crossing off several items on my to do list. Now, a productive day means I bathed and fed three people. That’s it. It’s been a challenge to accept at times and is probably the reason I feel so behind all the time. It’s hard to watch things marinating on a to do list for days on end.
I have cried over spilt milk only it was breast milk so cut me some slack.
I used to associate silence with wide open spaces, deep thought, and peace. Now, it’s just down right worrisome and means I have to get up off my ass to see what’s going on. Then, nine times out of ten, the previous silence involves some sort of clean up or scolding or something else that’s not fun or peaceful. The exception is nap time, then silence is the most beautiful thing in the world. Especially if I’m lazy enough to nap too.
It takes me a long time to clean the house how I see fit. I usually clean up while Hooper is asleep. Within the first hour of Hooper being awake, it appears as though I’ve done nothing. I have finally excepted the realization that I cannot do it all and, as a result, have given in and decided to hire a housekeeper.
You can view the first post in this series here. Please share tidbits you have learned through the journey of motherhood and I will compile your revelations in a separate post!

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7 Responses

  • Productivity sure does hit an all-time low when kiddos enter the picture. I too can never seem to keep up with housework and I only have one toddler. In my defense she can single-handedly empty every cupboard and drawer in my kitchen in record time… Amen to housekeepers.

  • Hang in there hon! When I was about at your spot baby-age wise, my husband took me out for dinner because he wanted to talk to me about why I was always in such a bad mood. I wanted to rip his head off but bless his simple male brain, he was right. After that, I started working outside the home to keep my brain from turning into mush, I hired someone to clean the house once every two weeks because it seemed like it was always me doing the ‘real’ cleaning. Then I took stock– isn’t this what I had always wanted? Don’t I love my babies and my husband? Yes and yes. Then I knew there were some things I didn’t want to accept that I was going to have to so I wasn’t mean, grumpy Mommy all the time. First- there will NEVER be enough money or even as much as you had when you were single. Live with it. No one will ever do things exactly the way you think they should be done. Be thankful for the effort. Your house will never be spotless (but I bet you can find someone with a messier one.) When your kids go off to college, you will never say ‘I wish I had spent more time working/cleaning/sleeping.’ Hug and squeeze and love them while you can (and teach them to clean up after themselves.).

  • You’ve hit the nail on the head with this post! You are doing a more than fabulous job judging from the happy snaps of your children on your blog – hopefully a housekeeper will be able to allow you to spend more (relaxed) precious moments with them. Great idea!

  • i hired a housekeeper when i was pregnant with my first & put on bed rest. now i look back on that as the most pivotal and marriage saving decision i’ve made in ten years. good job, you will cherish the days the housekeeper comes. mine is at the house today, right now in fact, & i am all tingly just thinking about it!


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