Hooper @ 25 Months

Growth & Appearance: Still in size 4 diapers. It feels like I’m going to be saying that forever. Size 7 shoes. 2T pants fit but will be too short soon enough. 2T shirts are perfect. You’re due for another hair cut as soon as I can get my ish together. 
Eating: There were a few days we questioned if you weren’t feeling well. You slept one day until one in the afternoon and had a little bit of throw up on your blanket. This was followed by two or three days of horrible eating despite a chipper mood. You’ve been better the past few days so I guess we’ll give you a pass and chalk it up to you not feeling well. Your eating, in general, still sucks. There are good days and there are bad days. The bad days are terrible.
Here are some things you enjoy:
Breakfast- Oatmeal, yogurt, cottage cheese, cereal, eggs, berries
Lunch- Avocado sandwich, PJ sandwich, grilled cheese or quesadilla on flax seed tortilla, deli meat
Dinner- Veggie burgers, breaded chicken, peas and corn
Development: You love jumping off things. You like to climb on top of the ottoman in Van’s room and jump off. You don’t push off two feet quite yet. You also enjoy galloping, spinning around in circles, and jumping on your bed and on the sofa. You like to play the “dark game”, where we go into your room, close the door, and turn off the light at-which-point you proclaim, “dark”. You also have an understanding of what it means to be happy and are quick to proclaim “haw-pee” when you hear music or see people dancing. You graduated from standing in your bath to swimming, completely bypassing the whole sitting stage. You’re either up on your feet or down on your belly. 
Favorites: You’d watch TV all day if we let you. Though you usually lose interest at some point. It’s been a good distraction while I’m busy feeding Van but it’s probably my least favorite thing so we’ve been limiting TV time significantly. With that said, you’re still obsessed with your cars and lining them up everywhere. I must clean the sofa off daily only to find it filled with cars again moments later. 
Talking: You’re putting a lot of words together. Most of your sentences begin with “mama” or “papa” and end with something like shoe, or car, or eye. You’ve also become quite literal, quick to point out what things are as you pass them as if the world is one big game of pictionary. The other day we went outside and you pointed out the rocks, and sky, and trees, and leaves, and grass. You said your first three word sentence the other day when you noticed Papa’s car was missing, “Paw-pa ka bye”, said with a noticeable pause and stutter between each word. Your brain is running the race much faster than your mouth. Your mouth is like the fat kid slowing to a fast walk every 50 feet. The result is the silliest stutter I ever did hear. It’s quite endearing. It goes something like this: “Papa kar. Pa Papa kar. (pause). Papa k-kar. Papa (pause) kar (pause) bye”.
I’ve said it in the months prior, but we are in a state of a language explosion. Everyday your Papa and I look to one another and ask, “Did you teach him that?” And we always look at each other dumbfounded. Like the other day when you picked up your toy syringe (I know, future addict, right?) and came up and pushed it into my butt (I know, my butt of all places?) and said “sshhhot”. 
Sleeping: You’re still taking two naps a day and both naps are taken in your playpen, which we have smack dab in the middle of your room so it’s just out of reach of your drawers. We learned the hard way when we came in to find you napping on top of a pile of your diapers you had removed from your dresser drawer. You nap well, but apparently you need to be held prisoner to fall asleep. You do well sleeping in your bed during the night and often climb out of bed and jiggle your door handle to let us know you are awake. Much to my dismay, you’ve figured out how to open the door to your room from the inside. You’ve done this once and once only. I’m hoping the fact you escaped totally slipped your mind. I guess we should get one of those safety door knob things soon. Why can’t they make a giant bed belt that just kinda straps you in? What’s that you say? It’s called a crib? Oh yes, you’re right. Too bad your parents were too cheap to go out and buy another one. Hash tag: Regretting that decision. Not really though. You’re pretty cute in your big boy bed. You sleep about 16 hours in a 24 hour period.

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