A Trinket, A Tasket

My in-laws were in town last weekend so Willy’s mom and I hit up a local antique market. I prefer to treasure hunt when we visit them in Arizona or when I visit my bestie in Utah. California prices can kiss my ass. I came away with a lovely, and I mean lovely, pillow gifted to me from my antique junkie mother-in-law. Finding the time to treasure hunt these days has proven more difficult. Makes the treasure seem ever greater.

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4 Responses

  • Agreed, treasure hunting is few and far between these days and finding a gem proves both a challenge and a great reward. Always fun to shop the higher retail antique places and laugh when you see the markup on things you can occasionally find for dirt cheap at a yard sale or thrift, or sometimes even on the side of the road. Fine by me though, thats the price you pay for someone else finding something great for you. Merry Merry to you and yours xo

  • I just love the bike picture.
    is there a way to buy it and ship it internationally?
    By the way – great blog, I really enjoy reading it!


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