Bits + Pieces

Elf on the shelf // I love getting Christmas cards in the mail // Hoop rockin’ the Christmas jammies and sunglasses // We bought a little tree. Hooper like to sniff it. So do I // Reindeer Van // Hoop in his Christmas sweater // Been spinnin’ Christmas tunes all week // “Vanta”, part Van, part Santa // Cinnamon rolls? Yes, please // It’s been 30 to 40 degrees here in the morning. By California standards, this is freezing and we’re all complaining because that’s what we do // The boys had their pic taken with Santa. Hoop has his finger in his mouth and Van looks like Elmer Fudd, but whatever. We bought it anyway // Present wrapping. I need some elves to come help. If you know any, send em’ my way // Hoop and his beloved Mickey.
Happy Friday!

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