Love The Ones Your With

My heart is heavy for those impacted by the Connecticut shooting. Tragedies like this definitely had an impact on me before I became a mother, but after having children of my own, it affects me in a whole new way. I’m deeply saddened, as many are, and just want to take a moment to reflect.
There’s a somber mood in the air and I can’t seem to get the families and responders involved out of my mind. It hurts too bad to even begin to imagine what it must be like to be in their shoes.
I’m taking every moment possible to snuggle a little longer with this precious family of mine. I hope you do too… with your own family, of course. Though all of us over here could use an extra snuggle too 😉
Wishing everyone a peaceful and restful weekend. XO

3 Responses

  • I couldn’t sleep from thinking about this. As my first three months of motherhood have flown by, not without some “what the hell have I gotten myself into” I was unexpectedly brought to my own knees for the victims as well and have spent the last 24 hours doing nothing but appreciating the gift I’ve been given. As it is difficult so is it incredibly beautiful.

  • There’s this author Anne Lamont who wrote about becoming a mom. She said before she had a kid, she was pretty sure she could get through anything. Then she had a kid and was terrified because she knew there was something that could destroy her–losing that child. I keep thinking about that with this tragedy. I can’t even imagine the pain of the parents…


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