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We attended a first birthday party over the weekend // Papa enjoying papa time // It’s true, breakfast looked like this the other morning. Nothing puts a smile on my face like bacon // Van in his bumbo, hangin’ out // Someone is obsessed with his Papa’s hats. I’m still trying to get him to keep his own hats on his head // A new Atomic Ranch came in the mail. Mid-Century homes, I love you // I can’t get enough of Van’s little mouth. Just like Hooper’s. We call this his turtle expression // Hoop is quite the bookworm these days // It looks like Hoop is just lying on the floor. In reality, he’s poopin’. We’re waiting until after the new year to start potty training. I think it’s time // Corey Hart wears his sunglasses at night, Hoop wears them in the bath // We’ve been taking great care to avoid rubbing off his new tattoo. He loves it // Van in the bath // Why it’s not fun taking two little ones to the grocery store. Actually, truth be told, it looks like he’s throwing a tantrum but in reality he’s yelling “Hi-Yee” to me. Boy do I love that booger.
Happy Friday!
Oh yes, and one more from my instagram feed because I can’t get enough of it…

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