Tidbits of Motherhood

In this moment, can you ignore the fact my mouth was open (my mouth was always open) and that my hair looks like it was cut underneath a lopsided bowel and concentrate on all that is fantastic about this photo? Like the carpet. In particular the color. Burnt orange carpet? Yes, please. Wall to wall sliding glass windows? Yes, sir, I’d like some of those too. And that beautiful potted plant… What I wouldn’t do to pour some water on you. I won’t even mention the plaid tweed sofa cuz that would be too much.
The point of the photo is the baby in my arms. I always had a baby in my arms. Babies always facinated me. Becoming a mother was an easy transition and felt very natural. That’s not to say I haven’t learned things I didn’t anticapate learning, because I’ve learned a ton and none of it was anticipated. When I was a child pretending to care for a child, I knew nothing of what it actually entailed. Now I know a lot. Reality has a way of slapping the nasty truth in your face. So today I’m starting a little segment sharing tidbits I’ve learned as a mom. I’m encouraging everyone to share tidbits you too have learned as a mother in the comments below. If you are not a mother, feel free to share tidbits you’ve learned in watching others take on the role of motherhood. At the end of this little segment, I will compile your responses into a separate post: Tidbits of Motherhood: What You Had To Say. Here we go…
The five minutes of shut eye I get while lying on the table to have my eyebrows tweezed is my new version of a nap. I wish I were being sarcastic.
When I’m running errands by myself, I insist on turning the music up very loud. It matters not what’s playing, just that it’s load. The radio has blessed me with “My Sharona” twice and each time, I glanced upward to the mom gods and whispered “thank you”.
As much as I hate my role as the boss of the family, there is no two ways around it, I am the boss. Ho hum.
I no longer have my own car. This is not to say we don’t have two cars. We live in southern California. We practically have to have two cars. But, because of our members and their special munchkin seats, we are constantly swapping vehicles. I adjust the rear view mirror every time I get in the car and it never feels quite right.
We’ve adopted and named our own kind of parenting. It’s called humor parenting. And it works by conjuring up ridiculous ways to assign motherly and fatherly tasks. Like if Hoop has a shitty diaper, we both put our hands up, side by side, and simultaneously ask for a high five. Whoever he high-fives first has to change his shit.
When Willy has to wait in the car while I finish getting ready, I no longer make excuses. I’m a mom. And therefore I’m entitled to try on as many different outfits on my new mom figure as I want.
Your turn.

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10 Responses

  • The carpet is “rust.” Very popular in the 80’s:-) I actually paid someone to cut your hair like that….sorry. Seemed so cute at the time……

  • I’ve officially been a mother for 15 days. Previously I loved newborns because all they can do is cuddle. Now I’ve been a stepmother for 2 years now (she is 4 now) so I thought the transition to mom of two would be easy … Yeah, maybe if I wasn’t nursing. Looking back, all the newborns I’ve come into contact with we’re formula fed, so a lot easier to “lend a helping hand”. No matter how many warnings friends could issue, there’s no warning for what a challenge breast feeding is. Period. Not gonna lie, sometimes when she cries for the boob, I cry too, mostly because I’m so sore from the last feeding that seemed never ending.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Breastfeeding is a huge committment and challenge. It’s the best thing you can do for you baby, but it definitely comes with hard work and sacrifice. Keep at it mama, you’re doing a great job!!

      • Thank you! I’ve actually turned to your posts about it a few times for encouragement. I’ve been cursed with low supply in one side and I am hating it. Plus she is not gaining weight as quickly as the pediatrician would like and it’s turning out to be a lot more work that originally planned. Sprinkle in mommy hormones and voila! You have a crazy momma who lives life in 2 hour chunks mostly topless. Your posts about it do shed some light on it all and make me feel a ton better though. Thanks!

    • First of all I love this feature (tidbits of motherhood)! I have to say I TOTALLY agree with Taylor. It looks like our babies were born a day apart? (My son was born November 27th) and when I read that I think I sighed a collective “yes!”

  • Never seen that picture. So cute! I remember you always having a baby in your arms. I always had a Barbie and a Ken… analyze that!

    I bet lots of moms will LOVE this post! The little details are so awesome.

  • I knew it was going to be a challenge to have two children under two, but had no idea how HARD it was going to be. My kids, Penelope and Oliver, are 22 months apart. I know it’s going to be worth it in the long run because I’ve heard over and over again how close siblings can be when they are close in age, but dealing with toddler tantrums and a screaming baby at the same time makes me a crazy person. I just feel lucky that for every moment like this, there are about 5 awesome ones.

  • I’ve learned how to do all my major tasks in 50 minute chunks. That’s about how long my 4 month old will nap and I can take a shower, get dressed and dry my hair in that time, or clean the kitchen and bathroom (always needs a cleaning it seems), or answer emails or blog.

    What did I do with all my free time before kids?!?

  • I’ve learned that you can show your respect for your job as a mother by showing respect for yourself, including getting dressed the MOMENT you wake up or it won’t happen until 4pm.


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