M-I-C-see ya real soon-K-E-Y

Disney has it all figured out. It’s like visual heroin. Every time I wear my Mickey sweatshirt, Hoop loses it. And by lose it, I mean he squeals with excitement. He’s never watched a Disney show and has never seen Mickey anywhere other than on my sweatshirt and on an old plastic plate we have. He’s gonna lose his mind when he learns he’s an actual character and that there’s a girl version too and, oh ya, that there’s this little amusement park dedicated to him just a drive away. I bought him a vintage Mickey shirt some time ago and when I pulled it out of his closet the other day, he gave the shirt a hug and kiss. This was preceded, of course, by excited squealing. Before we had kids, Willy and I would conjure up ridiculous plots to avoid having to go to Disneyland. One of these plots included paying Mickey to say mean things to our kid so he/she would never want to go back. Though now, I must admit, his excitement is contagious. It’s true that you live somewhat through your children, cuz part of me can’t wait to introduce him to the land that attaches to Disney. I mean, seriously, this kid is going to go nuts when he meets Mickey in the flesh and blood… or cotton suit and mouse ears. Or whatever.  Click To Vote For Us @ Top Baby Blogs Directory!

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