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Oh Hooper, I just can’t get enough of you. Your mama loves you soΒ much. It hurts // I was re-framing some photos and came across this photo I snapped in Egypt. I found myself lost in thought, trapped in the past. It was a sweet moment. I miss days where I roamed around with a backpack on my shoulders. I’m craving a new adventure in a far away land. Who’s in? // Man oh man, I snagged this record from a consignment shop in Utah and have not been able turn it off. I’m constantly flippin’ that thing over to play again. And again. Some of the best live renditions of some of his greatest tunes. So stoked I nabbed that when I saw it // See those two fingers? It’s gotta be genetic, right? // Wham bam thank you ma’am. Killed two birds with one stone when I made one doc appointment for both boys. It’s the little things. As a side note, Hoop looks totally unimpressed, no? // Chuck Ragen. If you don’t know of him, you should. // Sarah enjoying her bim bom day. That’s what she does and that’s what we call it. Straight bim bombin’ it // I found a new room to pump in when I’m working. It’s got a large window with a lovely view. Beats pumping in empty patient rooms // Kinfolk, the most photographed magazine around, right? // And Sesame Street, because of Mr. Hooper, waiting it’s turn in line behind Paul Simon.
Happy Friday.
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