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Well, it’s still coming out by the handfuls. I’m talking about my hair. I’ve got the postpartum hair loss blues and the worst part yet is that it hasn’t even begun to let up. I distinctly remember how this all went down the first time around: globs of hair come out in the shower (stage 1), bald spots appear along the hairline (stage 2), little hairs begin to grow back in and resemble little antennas sticking straight out of my head (stage 3), hair returns to “normal” (stage 4). The space in between stage 1 and stage 4 is about two years. And I’m still in stage 1, sigh. Ho hum. Shoulder shrug. Poor me. Wah wah. Hash tag: WhyDoesMyHusbandStillGetToLookTheSameQuestionMark. I’m really catching on to the whole hash tag phenomena as of late, can you tell? So fun.
There is one thing that’s making me quite happy during all this hair loss: Target jackets. Yup, it’s as simple as a trip to Target to turn this maybe I should invest in Target hats too blues upside down. Almost every year, I nab me a Target jacket. Here’s some of my favorites this season:
You know what would go best with any one of these little numbers? A full head of hair. Long luxurious locks. Hair so strong I could drape it out my castle window and let Willy, aka my prince, climb up to give me the sweetest of goodnight kisses. What’d you say? I’m getting ridiculous now? I know, I know. That’s why balding is synonymous with aging… because you go crazy.

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5 Responses

  • I’m with you! I still have the second babe a-cooking, but I gotta say: the second pregnancy is kicking my ass in ways i never imagined! I’m very trepidatious about what postpartum fun/terrors lurk….

  • I LOVE Target jackets. I should have gotten one when I was there this weekend, damn it! Instead, I got some cute overalls for Van… Priorities.

  • I feel you — If you ever want to know my feelings about my super-thin post 2 babies hair, just go to my Pinterest page and look at all the photos on the “Hair I wish I had” board. You will roar.


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