Happy Birthday, Hooper

I shared video from his birthday last week, but here’s some photos from the party.

For the record, in the photos above he had no pants on. Shirt, tie, and diaper. That’s how 2 year olds roll.
And, here’s some from the par-tay:

(That’s Hooper’s great grandma. She’s 95. I’m just sayin’.)

(Great g’ma numero dos. Not 94.)

Is the polite thing to do to apologize for the photo overload? If so, I’m sorry.
I spent a lot of time stressing over Hooper’s birthday. Everything from where to have it, who to invite, and what to eat was decided last minute. And by last minute I mean we bought and put together an outdoor heater the morning of the party. In the end, it was great. We invited some family, some friends, and ordered pizza. We contemplated inviting people we knew that had kids for the sake of having kids at his party, but in the end we decided he’s not going to remember his party anyway and opted to stick to our friends only. As it turned out, when we put all the children of our friends in one room, we had a baseball team minus the outfielders anyway. And lets face it, outfielders don’t do anything other than pick grass. I digress. It was a fun day and we checked off a lot of the home to do list the day before with the help of my in-laws. In any case, I’m making a mental note to be more organized next year to alleviate some of the last minute hustle and bustle.

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