Here Lies Good Times.

my sister and I. that’s me on the left.
Having kids does funny things to you. They seem to bridge the gap over remember when that was so fun and who the hell cares. When I was a kid, I lived for Halloween. I even remember bringing an extra pillow case one year and getting double the candy by saying I was collecting candy for my sister who was sick at home. Then there were the years I spent arguing that dressing up was overrated and I let the festivities fall to the wayside. Now that I’m a mom, I’ve come full circle. Candy corn rocks my world and I bought pumpkins for the first time in years. I even made a special Halloween cake. Who am I? And somehow it’s all even more fun than it was when I was a child to watch my own kids celebrate the holiday. Is it even a holiday? (Rhetorical question)

We went trick or treating to a few homes in neighborhood, which Hoop thoroughly enjoyed. Then we came home and Hoop organized his loot into neat piles and then rearranged his piles over and over again. He ate a lollipop and was probably one of the happiest kids on earth. We handed out candy, ate a nice dinner, and then I enjoyed my cake. Can’t wait til’ next year, when both of my members will be knockin’ on neighbor’s doors. Hope everyone had a fun night! Feel free to share your links, would love to see your little ones all dolled up!

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11 Responses

  • Halloween is the BEST holiday when your a kid or have little kids! And, yes, who are you? Will there be Christmas decorations too:)

  • Ha, I totally remember that Michael Jackson belt! And I remember sorting out our pillow cases full of candy on the dining room table in the Northridge house. Such good memories. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It’s hard to set aside time to celebrate as an adult. I’m sure it helps to have kiddos get you in the spirit. Did YOU dress up? Van and Hooper look ADORABLE!
    Love you.

    • I did not dress up. But I did debate buying a mask from the grocery store at the last minute. It was 6 bucks and I decided it was a waste. But next year, I’m all in.

  • This was the first year that my older one really got the “TRICK OR TREAT” knocking at doors concept. Last year we went to the mall and that was really bad and I swore never to do that again. It was soo much fun. Holidays are exponentially more fun once little ones are involved.

  • Now that mine are old enough to run from house to house together, it was a lot more fun that it has been the past couple years. Although mine were the annoying kids that each had to take a turn with the doorbell, and as one tried stealing all the candy, the other tried to go in everyones houses. they’re learning! Anyways, I think I enjoyed it more since I took them trick or treating in the neighborhood that I grew up in, stop it brought back lots of memories… and spent sometimes 5 minutes st one house where they wanted to take pics of the kids, or just reminiscing!! Also, excited to make or own family traditions!! your kids are so adorable, and good job on the fred costume!!


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