A Boy & His Dog.

I grew up with Casey, a yellow lab. I distinctly remember laying in the hallway of the home I grew up in cuddling that dog and starring lovingly into her eyes, proposing that if I never met “Mr. Right” that I could spend the rest of my life with her instead. And I remember this being a serious consideration. I never thought about the fact I’d outlive her, she was immortal in my mind and I was unable to imagine my life without her in it. That’s the thing about dogs, they become part of the family. And life is never as enjoyable without them. My parents just lost their dog, Sammy, so I apologize for the sappy point of view.
The other day I watched as Hooper and Sarah carried on with their normal shenanigans. I’ve been warned by my own readers of the day that’s sure to come where I will no longer be mom, but instead a referee between my two boys. I’ll have had some training, however, because Hooper and Sarah require me to wear that ridiculous black and white vertical (barf) striped shirt from time to time. Sarah has brought Hooper to tears on more than one occasion and not because of her physical force, but rather because she’s running with a ball (that has her DNA all over it) and Hooper wants it. If Sarah could cry (why don’t dogs cry?! Rhetorical question), she’d be in tears from all the slapping and pinching and food stealing she has to put up with. I’m pretty sure whatever feud they have going resolves itself at the dinner table, where Sarah happily licks every morsel off the floor (seriously her eyes are glued to the floor during mealtime. She doesn’t even bother looking up to watch it drop. She’d rather have her mouth ready and in position) and Hooper happily flings food he doesn’t care about anyway off his plate.
I think of the memories I had with Casey and now the memories Hooper’s making with Sarah and it warms my heart. These two… I tell ya… they really love each other. Maybe Hooper will want to marry Sarah one day too. 

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6 Responses

  • aw man the photos of those two are amazing.

    i’m sorry to hear about Sammy. Last Christmas my childhood dog died, he was 18 years old, so he’d been part of the family since I was 5. I loved that little guy and it still sucks hard when I visit my parents and he isnt there


  • Doggies are the best!! Can’t imagine life without them. Chris and I googled why dogs don’t cry. They do, but it runs out their nose. And it’s just their eyes draining. They don’t cry for emotional reasons 😉 Simple creatures. Love the pictures of Sarah biting Hoop’s diaper. Haha.

  • Oh Ashley. This post really touched my heart, for obvious reasons. Dogs really are a part of the family, and thinking of them as immortal is the perfect way to put it. Off to give Sydney a big hug right now.


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