Anyone who is somewhat involved in the blogging world or a fan of etsy has come across the famous sleepy king woodland animals. Savannah, the brains behind the design, has made her sleepy woodland fox an internet sensation. It’s like the Sophie the giraffe phenomena for parents who want something made by hand in the good ol’ USA. The fact that items on etsy are unique and original, handmade, and locally made are the main reasons I try my best to support my favorite shops here on the blog. In any case, it struck a cord with me when I read this post on Sarah’s blog. Savannah has had her designs completely ripped off by the large Swedish corporation Lindex. The resemblance is uncanny. Apparently, Urban Outfitters is notorious for doing the same thing: scouring etsy for great selling original work and then reproducing it on a grand scale at a cheaper cost without giving credit or paying the original designer for their work. Check out this article. I imagine the cost to fight these large corporations is astronomical. If you have the means to donate, Savannah has set up a paypal link on her blog. If you can’t afford to donate, I still urge you to pop over and offer your verbal support and encouragement. You can also email Lindex and tell em’ they’re a bunch of assholes.
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5 Responses

  • Good news!
    Apparently due to a huge response with people on twitter, facebook and contacting Lindex directly they have taken down the garments in question. Lots more info on the story here. Quote from Savannah’s facebook page:

    “Lindex has officially appologized on their facebook page. I have been in contact with the head designers of Lindex and we are working on an agreement before they put the items back online and on the shelves. Thank you to everyone who made this happen!! The power of social media is what made this possible!”

  • Im so glad to hear that Lindex has done the right thing by taking down the items in question and appologized!! That fox in the picture (Liam the sleepy woodland fox, right?) is on my wishlist for my son who’s due in December! I actually just featured it on my own blog!!

  • Thank you SO much for speeding the word.. the outcome was possible thanks to everyone who helped. What a sweet and thoughtful post. I absolutely love the image of your child and Liam the fox! May I share it on my fan page or Instagram? I will of course give you credit! It’s just absolutely perfect. Many thanks again. I’m so glad I know about your blog now!! 🙂


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