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Gotta love California. My best friend Janet said when she moved to Utah she found herself at an In n’ Out in hopes of finding a palm tree. No such luck. Hey Janet, lots of palms over here in Cali. I’m just sayin’ // “Move outta the way mom, Gabba’s on” // My lovely in-laws were in town. G’ma Vickie introduced Hoop to the Gas We Pass book. He was hooked all weekend long // Clean plate club and he fed himself. It doesn’t work out all the time, but hey, I’ll take some of the time over never any day // Someone loves to smell the roses. I hope he always breaks from his busy life to do so // We hosted a taco night. It was bomb (ya, I said “bomb”, so what?) // Mi amor, so handsome and hot and huggable // Did I read somewhere it was national donut day? I did, I did. I swear // Thrifted finds from Utah. All for the boys, of course. Except for the pleasure map, I think I’ll make that mine // Willy and Van chillaxin // Indoor squirrel hunting. It’s a real sport and Sarah is a pro // Flipped through my William Eggleston book, one of my favorite photographers.
Happy Friday.

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  • Sarah is amazing!! My boyfriends parents have two boxers that are the nicest dogs but are so huge even though theyre just pups. Sarah seems loads smaller, and way more my size


    • We LOVE Sarah. Seriously, she’s a valued member of our family. We say how much we lucked out all the time. She’s the perfect size, only 47 lbs, which is really small for a boxer. She’s got the best personality too. I highly recommend boxers. 🙂


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