Style de Van

Vintage onesie from Etsy seller Hart & Sew // Vintage Golden Book from Etsy seller Lishyloo // Sophie, the one and only famous giraffe

Fox from Sleepy King // Jumper from Peppermint & Cocoa

Book from etsy seller Lishyloo // Overalls from etsy seller Oliver’s Forest

Vintage blocks // Onesie from etsy seller Star Friends On Earth (no longer open)

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  • Look at those chubby cheeks. He looks like such a Zen little dude. If I have a kid, you must help me dress it. I don’t know where you find the time to be stylish (for yourself, the kids, and your home)… you impress me daily.

  • That is a lot of pumping! Is it so you can build up a backup or to keep your supply steady? I’ve even struggling with how much I should pump – my daughter is 7 weeks old and typically pump once in the morning and get about 3 oz. I’d like to do more but the last time I pumped twice a day I got a clogged duct (don’t they just suck?! That was no fun). Any advice?

    Also your boys are so precious and I love yor blog!!

    • I really ought to do a post to properly answer your question, but I’ll give you the short answer here. I mainly pump to maintain my supply. I came to the conclusion after Hooper that to maintain my supply, I need to empty my breasts more often.

      I don’t think pumping causes clogged ducts. Clogged ducts are typically due to milk that starts to flow, and then stops abruptly. Distracted nursing can cause them, for example (when baby pulls off to look around and then re-latches). I also get clogged ducts in the beginning months, when my milk supply is titrating itself. Pumping is one way to treat clogged ducts, as you want to empty your breasts more often when it’s clogged.

      How much you need to pump largely depends on how your individual supply and how much you want stored. I go back to work this month, so my midwife/lactation consultant advised me to be sure I have enough milk in my freezer to cover Van while I’m at work (12 hours). I have WAY more than I need. I’m considering donating some, actually. I probably pump more than I need to, but my supply with Hooper seemed to dwindle after a while so I became more proactive this time around to keep it afloat. It’s turned me into a nut… I get anxious if I’m away from Van or my pump for too long. I hate the feeling, but I keep reminding myself it’s temporary.

      I pump after I feed him first thing in the morning (I get anywhere from 3 to 6 oz during this session). Then I go back to sleep and wake up an hour later to pump again (Van’s still sleeping. I get about 4 oz during this session). I was pumping an additional time when Van napped in the afternoon, but he’s kinda phased out of that nap so I quit pumping then. I would suggest pumping once or twice in the morning, as this is when your supply is most plentiful. As the day goes on, milk production slows. Maybe start pumping after your first feeding in the morning and then try to squeeze another one in soon after.

      I’m no expert, I just know based on my own experiences. Good luck and let me know if you have anymore questions!

      • Thanks so much. My LC told me once a day is enough but like you, I’m a bit concerned about my supply and making sure I have enough! Very helpful tips, hanks again. 🙂

  • Ashley! Oh my he’s such a cutie. I can’t believe how perfect Van looks in that little mint outfit! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures and giving my shop a shout out 🙂


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