Bits + Pieces, from the LA County Fair

We went to the LA County Fair the other day and it was… in-SANE. I was still on a high from the Ventura County Fair, which was completely and utterly awesome. I had high expectations and figured that going on a weekday would help meet these expectations. Man, I was wrong. Total flunk. We had to park what felt like a mile away. And it was deathly hot. We had avoided going to the fair in the weeks prior due to the heat but figured since the weather has been cooling down, now would be the time to go. Only cooling down still equated to 90+ degree heat. In any case, Van was fine and he was the one I was concerned being too hot. I digress. We parked. We walked. And walked. Then we stood in line in the hot hot sun. Slowest line ever. We paid an unreasonable fee of $50 to enter (this included unlimited rides for Hooper and me, assuming I would have to ride with him as I did at the Ventura County Fair). Once we entered, we had to wait in another long line to get the wrist bands we had already paid for. Why it was a separate booth, I don’t know. Why some lady chose to cut in front of us, I don’t know that either. Just walking from the car and waiting in the two separate lines took an hour. And don’t forget, it was hot.
Once we got the damn wristbands, we started making our way to the kid area. Again, no easy feat. I almost felt like there was a hidden camera on us and the point of the joke was to try as many ridiculous ways to keep us from our destination because as soon as we put the wristbands on our wrists, the band started marching. And fair officials, as they call themselves, asked people to step to the side. So we had to wait for the marching band to pass. Then the cheerleaders. Then the long line of classic cars. Then the flag people. Then the fire engines. It was never ending. Hooper was quite unsure about it all. I think the loud noises scared him. Some of the horns and sirens pierced my ears. He kept covering his eyes, like he was playing peek-a-boo, but in reality I think he was counting on the whole if I can’t see you, I’m not here notion. In any event, one parade ended. Then there was a break as we made our way to the kid area. Then there was an entirely separate parade that stopped us in our tracks once again. And then we made it to the damn kid area.
Not sure why it would be any different, but this fair required the kids to be 36 inches to ride any of the rides. As luck would have it, Hooper was an inch or two shy. One nice lady let him ride regardless, but we got turned away at all the other ones. And it happened to be the one ride I didn’t have to go on with him, so we wasted money by purchasing an extra wristband for myself. Fail. So Hoop rode the same ride over and over and over again, which was fine by him. I’m fairly certain he was pretty stoked either way. It wasn’t all bad… Willy won Hoop a light up stick that he paraded around like it was the coolest thing on earth. We ate fried Twinkies, which never fails to land a smile on a frowny face. And we got out and about on a Wednesday evening, which always helps hump day along. So there you have, the bad and the good wrapped into one sweet fried Twinkie, I mean review. Man, I can’t get that Twinkie off my mind.
Oh yes, and no petting zoo. Actually, I’m quite sure there was one somwhere… but kudos to whoever has the patience and energy to find it among the gazillion wandering fair go-ers. Too big, too many people. We’ll pass on the LA fair next year and hit up the Ventura one more than once.

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9 Responses

  • Haha…I remember the LA fair well. Some things never change:-) Still, there are those special moments where it all seems worth it.

  • OMG it was so hot when we went. It was 102 or 103 I think. The kids were fine, but my husband and I were the ones that got cranky and had short tempers. Ya, we’ll probably pass next year too.

    • Yeah, it’s been a hot hot summer and it makes fair going difficult. You should check out the Ventura one next year… right on the beach, so it’s much cooler.

  • Ha, the picture of Hoops in the ride, looking back at the girl behind him is so precious. And of course he likes the light stick — it’s very broom-like. Love the shot of Van at the end. I remember when Hoops wore that hat.

    • He LOVED that little girl. He kept saying “HI-YEE” to her. She helped him out of his buckle when the ride was over. So cute. And yes, the light stick IS very broom-like… so I guess it’s a no-brainer. Hoop wore that hat when he was 14 weeks, btw. I’m just sayin’… he’s a porker!!

  • i’ve always wanted to go to the LA fair….. and we’re invited by a couple friends to go tomorrow, thanks for the review, right on time to save me time and money…. my kids don’t do good in lines… 🙂

    • Ha! I’m curious to hear how your little ones did because I’ll bet you hit a lot of loooooong lines! Hopefully you had a good experience anyway!

  • We had fun at the fair, but it was 100+ degrees when we went, so I think we might have been delirious from the heat. The petting zoo is off the midway a bit, and it’s not the most logical spot for it, so that’s probably why you didn’t stumble across it. That being said, I don’t want to go back to another fair until Alexa is tall enough to ride rides. Otherwise, what’s the point? (My husband would say to eat the fried Twinkie he didn’t eat when we went.)

    • Again, I recommend the Ventura Fair… I think the height requirement there was 32 inches. And their petting zoo was awesome and easy to find. The heat sure has been killer though…


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