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I spent this past weekend in Utah, visiting my best friend and her new baby (Carla is one week older than Van). Years ago, Janet and I were road trippin’ scoundrels. Back then was my first time visiting Utah and I came to associate the state with freedom, the open road, and pleasantly lost souls. We spent our days back then scouring the outskirts of cities big and small for a campground to rest our road heavy and stoned eyes. And now we’re adults, or whatever, looking for quiet corners to breastfeed our young. My oh my how things change and evolve. I’ve spent the last week contemplating and appreciating the beautiful ebbs and flow of life.
In case you missed it, you can check out the videos we made here and here. Happy Saturday!

7 Responses

  • Beautiful! You make me long to pack up my car, pick up my oldest friends and run away to the countryside! There’s something so magical about being with the people who know you best, and who are there through all the twist and turns of your life so far! It’s a special thing to have!

    Plus van is probably one of the most handsome little bubbas I’ve seen!

    I’ll stop gushing now…

  • Utah. One of the best states to raise children. Ashley. One the best persons to have as a best friend. Carla Consuelo. The best grandchild we´ll ever have. Quinn, the best son in law a father could wish for. Janet…. well, Janet is out of this league. Great shots. Congrat. on the new tax deduction. Van looks so alive and healthy. Please continue being close to us.


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