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Get the look—> Same dress: Victoria’s Secret // Similar gray tee: Gap // Similar sandals: Saychelles  // Purse: try this one // Same Necklace from Etsy seller shoprarebird // Similar bangles: try these or these
In my experience thus far, I’ve ended up hating things I wore during my pregnancy after-the-fact. Like if I had a dress pre-pregnancy that I worked into my pregnancy attire I couldn’t stand wearing it postpartum. Not sure if it was the thought that wearing it would give me instant nausea or a sudden break-out of acne, but for the most part I end up donating much of what became staples in my closet during my pregnancy. This maxi dress is an exception. I wore it throughout my pregnancy and it was even something that worked all the way to the bitter and emotional end. And I still can’t seem to part with it. It’s incredibly comfortable. I paired it with a knotted gray tee that I’ve had for years. In the past, I’ve paired it with a jean jacket or a lace vest. It’s versatility also makes this dress a keeper.
I wore this for a special date night on Friday evening. Our first time out and about without either of our members, as we call them. We went to a bar in Ventura to see a friend play music. I sipped on shirley temples and cuddled up next to mi amor and it was a splendid evening. Willy keeps suggesting that we find a babysitter, but when all is said and done, it’s hard for me to leave my boys. Does anyone else struggle with this?
In other mommy news, my thighs and I are friends again as I have yet to find the time to do another workout. When the members are napping, I feel like I have to scramble to decide amongst showering, eating, blogging, napping, cleaning, editing photos, working out and well, gosh dang it, there just isn’t time to do it all. I need the time fairy to come visit me. If you happen to see her, please send her my way.

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