Snip Snip.

I finally convinced Willy that Hooper needs a haircut. I’m all for the long hair, but it has never been properly cut and it’s uneven and bordering on a mullet. So Willy agreed and we took him to our friend Angela for his first proper trim. The difference is perfectly subtle and we plan on letting it grow from here on out… until, well, it becomes unruly and un-handsome. I debated picking the little blond specks of hair up off the floor and pasting them to Van’s poor head, as he is currently battling newborn hair loss and resembles this character from the old “Guess Who” board game. Van’s hair loss makes my chances of keeping my postpartum locks rather ominous. Oh the joys of motherhood.
I digress. Hooper got a hair cut. It took a lot of stickers and a couple YouTube clips. In true Hooper fashion, he played peek-a-boo and shouted “hi-yee!” at the top of his lungs. Sure beats screams and tears. The first hair cut was a success.
As a side note, I’d like to thank everyone for their comments on yesterday’s post. I was touched by all your stories and opinions.

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  • i love these pictures . . every single one . . they are gorgeos !!
    yesterday i felt identified with your friend . . reading it was weird, cause i could’ve written it . . i feel a bit selfish about it . . but i’m terrified of having children . . i guess it would be completely unmanageable for me . . i admire people like you for being so brave !


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