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top: anthropologie (last season) // shorts: old navy (on sale) // shoes: steve madden
I’ve never been much of an Old Navy shopper, but I visited their online site the other day looking for some pants for Hooper (I found these, by the way, which I’m swooning over). I decided to browse through the Women’s stuff, just to take a little peak, and boy am I glad I did. A week and a half later, a box landed on my doorstep. A lot of what I ordered didn’t end up working out for me, but I kept a few great pieces and sent the rest back. Here’s some other pieces from Old Navy worth checking out: this dress, this top (on sale!), these cords (had me wishing my legs were shorter), and this denim jacket (just added to my online cart in hopes Willy gives me the green light). Can’t beat those prices, right?
In mommy news, I’ve begun some very light abdominal exercises this week. I’m six weeks postpartum and my uterus, apparently, should be back to it’s usual size. I know, you all were dying to know when it would happen. In any case, that means it’s safe to start some re-building. I’ve started with these pelvic floor exercises in hopes of bringing together my separated abdominal muscles but it doesn’t seem logical that exercise alone could bring together separated muscles. On a hope and a whim, I’ll give it my best shot. I also started doing some leg exercises, lunges and squats, and my thighs are in absolute disarray. It’s fair to say they hate me and quite frankly, I hate them. The stairs that led down to the beach we were at over the weekend didn’t help this relationship except for the fact that there were so many stairs, plus a toddler in my arms (we forgot his damn shoes), that both myself and my burning thighs actually hated the stairs more than each other. Kudos to Papa Willy who made it up and down the same stairs with Van in the car seat, Sarah on a leash, two beach chairs, and an umbrella.

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