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Ever feel like you are your child’s favorite toy? Like you’re some sort of dispensable object yearning to be climbed on and bossed around, poked and prodded, subservient to every little demand? Me too. That’s why when my friend Janet sent me a link to the “Daddy Saddle” I just about lost my marbles. So funny. The best part yet is that the “Daddy Saddle” has made advancements and is now currently sold as the “Daddle”, because you know we like combining two names in today’s pop culture (ie, Brangelina). The ad reads, “knee pads are a must, so don’t forget them”. Schwhat?, knee pads aren’t included? That’s like selling a roller coaster without a seat belt. Anyhoo, with no further adieu, I present to you the “Daddy Saddle”. Go out, get your own, and maybe us moms can try getting a ride too 😉




















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