Mama Style

Dress: Target // Shoes: Karen Scott (thrifted)
I’ve gone back and forth on converting my previous maternity series into a mama style series. I hardly consider myself fashion savvy. Most days, especially these days, I’m in ridiculously over sized sweat shorts and some comfy tank that I can easily pull up or down or over for what feels like the gazillion times I breastfeed a day. But ever since the newest little munchkin decided to grace us with his presence, I’ve been yearning to play catch up on all the fun styles I’ve missed out on over the past year. Like colored skinny jeans. Oh how I long to fit this post-baby-bod into some of those. In any case, if I do decide to carry on with the mama style shenanigans, the series will focus on fun, simple outfits that are very mom friendly.
I’ve visited a number of dressing rooms as of late. Curse those dressing room mirrors. Seriously. Damn them for providing views from every angle. And I swear the lighting in those little rooms is the most unflattering of all. In any case, we’ll see how long I can keep this mama style series afloat. I’m making no promises.

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