Tea Cups, Churros, & Goats, Oh My!

We went to the Ventura County Fair the other day, prior to Willy returning to work (sigh, ::tear::), and had more fun than Pee-Wee did on his big adventure. Seriously. It was a blast. It brought to the forefront what it means to live vicariously through your children. Because truthfully, I could have cared less about riding on the carousal or animal train. But watching the joy on Hooper’s face and the tears that came each time he had to either wait (I know Hoops, it’s a tough concept) in line or get off a ride, truly made both Willy and I feel like we were on top of the world. The coolest parents in town. Way cooler than the thousands of other parents who also decided to fork out the cash to get their children the prized red wrist band that allowed for unlimited roller coaster rides. In any case, if you live in the area, I highly recommend going. I believe it’s over this weekend, but the LA County fair starts at the end of the month.
The fair was complete with a fun house, chocolate covered bacon (seriously?), pig races, pony rides, the coolest petting zoo ever, and turkey legs. I mean, seriously, does it get better than that? What’s that you say? En Vogue, “No you’re never gonna get it”, is scheduled to play? Get out. Okay, we didn’t stay for En Vogue… but that’s because the 90’s called and told us it was time to get the littles home. That’s not to say we didn’t dabble in a bit of fun and a whole lot of sugar.
Hot dog on a stick asked, “Cherry lemonade?”, and I said, “Don’t mind if I do”. Then they asked if I’d like to upgrade to a large for a dollar more (to which I usually reply with a “no”, I’ll take what I ordered biotch) but today I said, “Don’t mind if I do”.
The petting zoo was complete with deer, goats, pigs, chickens, llamas, a kangaroo, and a donkey. And not just any donkey, put a pregnant donkey. We had an instant connection. We opted to pass on the $7 pony ride, cleaned the goat turds off Hooper’s fingers, and headed home with the excitement of returning again in the years to come. So fun.

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