Shits & Giggles.

I saw this video on Tosh.0 the other day. Willy and I must have replayed the video over twenty times, each time laughing just a little harder and each time shedding just a few more tears. I shouldn’t be laughing, after all, I presume my asshole will be hurting soon enough. Either way, this video is just too funny not to share. Laughter is just the medicine I need. I’ve been quite anxious the last couple days and am wondering where the girl who wrote A Family of Three post went as I’m struggling to find that peace I referred to.
Also came across this ecard, which also gave me a good chuckle.







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5 Responses

  • hahahaha. oh my god. I feel bad for her, but assume she must have given the go ahead for it to be uploaded, in that case, I admire her.


  • Hello! I found your blog off of ohdeardrea…

    I’m almost 23 weeks pregnant with my first child. Ever since I stumbled upon this blog, I check it everyday in hopes that there is no new post meaning that your little one is on his way!!!

    Anyway, this video cracks me up … she seems like she had no idea what she was getting herself into! Motivation to make sure I know EXACTLY what I’m up against as I plan to pop this little girl out without pain meds. 🙂



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