And The Obsession Continues.

There are few toys that you can honestly say last through various developmental stages. This is why we don’t invest in too many. Okay, okay, it’s also partly due to the cost of new toys and the clutter they add to the house. We don’t have a big home and it’s hardly my goal to fill each corner and crevice with big clunky devices that are hot one minute and cold the next. So why do I love Hooper’s vintage playskool giraffe? I love it for a lot of reasons, really. For starters it was a gift from his grandma. Gotta love awesome gifts. It makes a great photo prop. It’s also been one his favorite toys since he was ten months old and using it as a crutch to start walking. Then he was walking on his own and he no longer needed it for support but was too little to actually ride it, so he carried it everywhere. Then he became big enough to ride it and now he loves for us to push him on it while he lifts up his feet and enjoys the ride. In any case, it’s gotten a lot of use and is one of his favorite toys. So, with no further adieu, here are some pics of Hooper with his beloved “gia”, or giraffe. 


Etsy seller Fuzzymama has this one for sale for a very reasonable price, if anyone is interested.

3 Responses

  • That is a seriously adorable toy (and boy that plays with it!). I love wooden toys. There is just something extra special about them compared to all the plastic ones out there today. I really enjoyed going through all your past posts of Hooper with the giraffe. And I seriously laughed reading the one about you using a different camera for a bit. I started with a rebel as well and when I upgraded, it was awesome. That was a few years back. A couple weeks ago, I got to play with someone’s shiny, new 5d and I had major camera envy. Oh, and speaking of that camera post, the pictures of Hooper in the bath were AMAZING!


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