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My growing belly and Sarah (side note, that’s not a pertruding belly button, it’s the bottom of my dress. I had to clarify. I mean the belly button is out, but not that far out)// Hooper’s latest obsession: “TARRR!”, aka, guitar, which he pronounces with a simultaneous fist pump into the air // I celebrated a birthday. It was lovely, complete with some sweet gifts and a yummy cupcake // Sarah chillin’ out realaxin’ all cool because let’s face it, that’s what a dogs life is all about // Hooper’s other obsession: “Pay-pee”, aka, paper and pen. Sometimes he likes to scribble, but most of the time he likes taking the pencils out and then putting them back in // Birthing preparations: lots and lots of pineapple. I don’t really care at this point if it’s an old wive’s tale or purely psychosomatic, it feels good to do something. Doing something has also included walking, mostly at 9am in 90 degree weather… anything to avoid the 100+ afternoons. My best friend, due a few days ago and still pregnant, introduced curb walking to me (please click on the link and watch the ridiculousness that is this video). After a good chuckle, I went outside and started walking lopsided. I know, us pregnant biotches are cray-zeeeee // Milk that expires after I do. I know, I know, it’s a due date not an expiration date, but it really doesn’t feel that way // Hooper’s other obsession (there seem to be a lot these days): “Gongs”, aka “cars”. Not sure where “gongs” comes from but he wants those little four wheeled specimens as soon as he wakes up. Sure beats “Gabba Gabba”, so I’m on board // Cutest little card from Etsy store 3RingCircus, where I made a recent purchase I will share soon.
Happy Friday the 13th… Maybe today will be the day.
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