Boys & Sand.

A friend of mine gave birth to her second baby boy six weeks ago. Her first son is three days younger than Hooper. We met up at the beach the other day and while the boys fed each other blueberries and goldfish, us mom’s discussed the return to the newborn stage. It’s hard for me to imagine enjoying the newborn stage all over again. I watch Hooper now and he’s so entertaining and lively and enjoyable. When I think of newborns, I think of a parasite attached to my tit, long sleepless nights, and constant kink working outing. Do I sound cynical? I sense that I do. Anyway, in talking with Lisa, I realized that there is magic that accompanies giving birth. You see, when you birth a baby you are not merely bringing a human being into the world. You are also birthing a maternal bond, a maternal instinct. It dawned on me that I cannot feel it now because it has not yet taken place. I trust greatly that with Van’s arrival will also come a re-found love for all things fully dependent and cuddly and vulnerable. That’s what I saw in Lisa, anyhow, and it’s a beautiful thing.
So while the boys played peek-a-boo around the trash can and chased birds and exchanged hugs, I thought about what’s just around the corner. And an inner excitement started to reside where there was previously only fear.

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5 Responses

  • Thank-you for the post. Loved the message and the pics. I am 12 weeks pregnant with baby # 2 and have been having allot of thoughts and concerns like you. A close friend of mine has a newborn and a toddler also and says she is having a much easier time with the baby as she doesnt have to chase her around. I too have a very active toddler and wonder how it is all going to work. It is very helpful to have so many resources out there,in particular your Blog. Thanks again. Stephanie

    • I think it’s totally normal to have the thoughts and concerns that we do. I also trust that the fears diminish when the reality hits, but I’ll keep you posted 😉 Thanks for your comment.

  • Hi all-
    I have an active 2 year old toddler and she is super active. And needs my attention 24/7. To the point where I cant even take 15 mins off to bathe when my husband is not around. Hence, we have been shelving off our plans to have the second one. If there are tips on how to take care of the newborn, perhaps we can share here. So that more mums can benefit. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Amelia. Will be happy to share whatever tips I learn along the way. One thing that keeps me going though is the fact that TONS of people do it. It can’t be impossible. I totally understand the super active toddler syndrome though. It’s not easy. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  • Quinne is only 9 months, and I’m nowhere near ready for number 2, but I think I’m going to be in the same boat as you one day. Thank you for honesty during this time in your life. I really love reading about your journey!


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