Sisterly Love.

There is a bond that only siblings have the privilege of knowing. My sister and I didn’t always have the most in common growing up and we fought often. We are 19 months apart. But once we became adults, our friendship flourished. She’s taught me a lot about life and myself and it’s because of my relationship with her that I look so forward to the friend Hooper will soon have for life in his brother Van. My sister came out to visit over the weekend to celebrate my birthday and watch the US gymnastics Olympic trials. We joined my parents Saturday evening at the Huntington Library in Pasadena for a picnic and tunes from the roaring 20’s. It was a splendid evening. I laughed so hard I cried, I think we all did, compliments of the face juggler app on the iPhone. I highly recommend checking it out. Here’s some shots from our Saturday evening.

















































































































































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4 Responses

  • Awwwww! I love my sister so much! Those pictures are hilarious. I laughed so hard I almost barfed. Good times, good times.

    Happy birthday, my dearest friend!

  • Your sister looks so much like your mother! Me n my sis are 20 months apart and she’s my best friend too. It’s hard being far away but makes the time together that much more special for it.

  • So very sweet….my brother and I are really close too, even though we don’t see each other that much lately (he’s on tour with Mayer Hawthorne, a pal from Michigan who is hittin’ the big time….oh and speaking of of Michigan, WHADDUP PISTONS! We are huge fans over here so seeing that shirt made me smile!).



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