Same Same, But Different

…and by different, I mean cheaper and more purposeful.
               More of Me Maternity                                                       Kohls                                                   Modcloth
When I first saw the current collection from More of Me Maternity, I’ll be honest, I wanted to stay pregnant forever. I’ve never seen such a flattering and stylized collection of maternity clothes. I boycotted maternity clothes completely with my first pregnancy, with the exception of a dress I had to purchase for a wedding I attended when I was 36 weeks. And I hated it. This time around, I’ve made due with many of the clothes I already had in my closet but did manage to add a pair of maternity jeans. But let me tell you… If I were rolling in dough… Let me stop there, because there is no dough floating around these parts to be rolled in. But, I will say that I have done some digging and have found two affordable alternatives to one of the MoMM maternity dresses I had been swooning over. The best part, aside from the price tag, is that they aren’t even maternity dresses… Meaning when the bump is gone, these fellas can still hang delightfully in my closet. Not bad, right?Click To Vote For Us @ Top Baby Blogs Directory!



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